Pen Pen Writers Edition Tribute to Arthur Conan Doyle Limited Edition 1902

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The Montblanc edition Writers Edition Tribute to Arthur Conan Doyle Limited Edition is dedicated to one of the most famous writers of police novels and creator of the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes. The precious brown lacquer returns to the pipe frequently smoked by the detective, an element which is also found in the cap and the wooden cone. The cap and body of this edition are decorated with a tartan pattern with reference to the cloak of the detective and parts of a historic map of the British capital. The clip is inspired by the magnifying glass used by Sherlock Holmes to conduct its investigations. Behind the staple is a dog silhouette in photoluminescent pigments, with reference to the famous story "the dog of the Baskerville". The ring of the Capon presents the signature of Arthur Conan Doyle, as well as the logo of the first investigation of the detective, "a study in red". The hood of this edition is crowned with the emblem Montblanc in precious wood. On the 18K gold-made gold feather are engraved a portrait of Arthur Conan Doyle and a magnifying glass, with reference to his famous character.

Ident No. 127634
Staple: Platinated metal staple
Body: Brown precious lacquer body with laser engraved London map
Cap: Brown precious lacquer cap with laser engraved London card
Color: brown
Dimensions: 145 15.6 mm
Physical weight: 62.99 g
Mechanism: pen pen
Feather: 18 k yellow gold, rhodium, hand made
Size: M