Pen Pen (M) Pattern of Art Tribute to Napoleon Bonaparte Limited Edition 4810

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The Montblanc Patron of Art Tribute to Napoleon Bonaparte is dedicated to the famous character whose life has marked history. The glory of Napoleon continues today with the talking architecture of the famous Parisian structures built during his reign. In addition to architecture, other forms of art have also experienced a boom under its power: painting, sculpture and decorative arts. The general design of this edition is inspired by the neoclassical style. The golden bees on the dark blue lacquer are inspired by the throne of Napoleon located in Fontainebleau, while the sword-shaped staple is adorned with an "n", initial of the Emperor. The engravings on the top of the cap represent a laurel wreath, an imperial crown and an eagle, directly referring to the badges of the crowning of the Emperor. The cap is crowned with the emblem Montblanc in precious resin. The end of the staple is adorned with a red stone reminiscent of the coronation ring of his wife, Josephine. The 18 K gold pen made hand has a portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte with its iconic bicorne.

Reference: 127033
Blue color
Features: Yellow gold golden staple - blue lacquered body with buffer printing and special pattern - blue lacquered cap with buffer printing and special pattern
Size: M