Rollerball Muses Marilyn Monroe Special edition
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Rollerball Muses Marilyn Monroe Special edition

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"Rollerballs from all Montblanc collections can be interchangeed In fine felt, just change the recharge " 

Marilyn Monroe (1926 - 1962), which became an icon of American culture, benefited from world notoriety. A pupil of Lee Strasberg, the actress was one of the greatest 'sex symbols' in the 1950s. Even today, she is an inspiration for women from around the world and remains an icon of style. The design of the Muses Marilyn Monroe writing instrument is inspired by shoes with high heels Ferragamo that Marylin liked to wear and which underlined his femininity and sensuality. The color recalls its favorite lipstick (Ruby Tuesday by Max Factor). The shape of the clip, decorated with a pearl, evokes his passion for pearls and jewelry.

Ident. N °: 116067
Staple: golden golden color, decorated with a pearl
Body: Red precious resin
Capuchon: Red precious resin
Red color
Dimensions: 145 x 17.3 mm
Physical weight: 37.72 g
Mechanism: Rollerball