Great Characters Miles Davis Limited Edition 1926 Rollerball

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"Rollerballs from all Montblanc collections can be interchanged in Fine Felt, you just need to change the refill"

Founded in 1906, Montblanc has become the international market leader for luxury writing instruments. The brand has therefore existed for more than a century, and it has seen many unusual characters who have marked our culture and to whom we still pay tribute today. Montblanc therefore decided to create a "Limited Edition" collection in memory of these historical figures.


This time, the choice fell on Miles Dewey Davis, the most famous jazz musician of the 20th century, who had a colossal influence on this musical genre. He was a trumpet player, which is why the craftsmen of Montblanc wanted to take inspiration from a trumpet for the shape of the pen, hence the pistons on the clip and the cone which evokes the "Heim" mouthpiece. On the body, Montblanc has engraved the phases of the evolution of American jazz that follow Miles Davis.


Finally, the craftsmen engraved the silhouette of the trumpet player on the feather, and the color of the cone refers to his album "Kind of Blue". 1926 is his year of birth, and this is also the number of copies of this pen.


Reference: 114191

Refills for Montblanc rollerball: Mystery Black, Pacific Blue, Nightfire Red, Fortune Green, Amethyst Purple, Barbados Blue, India Orange

Refills for Montblanc fine felt: Mystery Black, Pacific Blue, Amethyst Purple, Barbados Blue