Black leather bracelet with wolf head with solid silver

Black leather bracelet with solid silver wolf head clasp

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This black leather bracelet with wolf head in solid silver pays homage to the author of the "Book of the Jungle", Rudyard Kipling. Assorting to the writing instruments of the collection, he celebrates one of the most powerful characters in the book: the wolf. Design inspired by the writing instrument "Homage to Rudyard Kipling"

Ident N °: 12379060
Materials: Metal Silver Title 925
Other materials: black leather, cattle skin
Dimensions: Silver part: ~ 14 x 18 mm - Small model diameter: ~ 60 x 48 mm, interior length: ~ 170 mm; Average diameter Model: ~ 63 x 52 mm, interior length: ~ 181 mm; Large model diameter: ~ 68 x 53 mm, interior length: ~ 190 mm.
Other materials: Grosurular garnet