Writers Edition Tribute to Victor Hugo Limited Edition 1831 Fountain Pen

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The writing instrument Montblanc Writers Edition Tribute to Victor Hugo Limited Edition 1831 pays tribute to the literary genius whose life and work have forever marked the history of France. This edition is largely inspired by the novels of Victor Hugo and the architecture of Notre Dame. The hood and body feature Gothic-style arches, while the hood is adorned with a rosette in homage to the rose of Notre Dame. The end of the bell-shaped clip recalls Quasimodo and the famous bells of Notre Dame. The cone of the writing instrument Montblanc Limited Edition 1831 is engraved with a clover arch, the architectural symbol of Notre Dame. It has only one link at its end, a nod to the pole to which Quasimodo was chained. The lower part of the cone is lase in yellow, in reference to the passport of the same color given to Jean Valjean upon his exit from prison. The top of the hood is engraved with the quotation "Every man in his night goes towards his light," taken from the collection of poems Contemplations and metaphor evoking the idea of redemption. The top of the cap is crowned with the Montblanc emblem in mother-of-pearl. In honor of the year the novel Notre-Dame de Paris was published (1831), this edition is limited to 1,831 copies.

Montlblanc Cannes is committed: 180 euros automatically donated to the reconstruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

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