Montblanc Leonardo Limited Edition 3000 Rollerball

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Price upon request

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"Rollerballs from all Montblanc collections can be interchanged in Fine Felt, you just need to change the refill"

This pen pays homage to Leonardo Da Vinci, famous artist and inspired inventor, known in particular for his flying machines, created during the Renaissance. The cap and body of the instrument are made of anodized aluminum, a nod to today's flying machines and airplanes which are also constructed of this material.


Montblanc was inspired by Da Vinvi's research in the field of aerial flight for the design of the pen in its entirety: sketch of a mechanical wing engraved on the body, principle of the double transmission invented by Da Vinci for the shape of the pen , and even a small gold-plated gear on the cap, a part very present in the machinery of the Italian master.


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