Plume Plume Montblanc Mahatma Gandhi Limited Edition 3000

Montblanc Mahatma Gandhi Limited Edition 3000 Fountain Pen

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Mahatma Gandhi was a major political and spiritual leader in India and the Indian independence movement. Design pays tribute to his life and his achievements. The top of the cap and the cone is inspired by the spindle that Gandhi used to spin cotton - one of the symbols of Indian independence. White color is a reference to truth and peace, while garnet Mandarin represents the orange color which is part of the Indian flag. The pen shows an image of the Mahatma Gandhi, walking with a stick. In addition, the limitation of the Mahatma Gandhi Limited Edition 3000 is symbolic for the masses of people who followed her during his fight for independence.
As a reference, this edition released in 2009 is limited to 3,000 Piston Plume pens and 3,000 rollerblades.

Ident. N °: 105590
Staple: Graved platform clip of the serial number
Characteristics: Sterling 925 silver with fine textile structure on lacquered cap and body, 18 -carat rame rhodied gold manufactured by hand, Montblanc ivory emblem