Montblanc Limited Edition Albert Einstein fountain pen

Price upon request

Price upon request

Engraving examples

The platinum-plated body of the Albert Einstein Limited Edition 3000 glows with the soft light of a distant star while the dark blue lacquer of the cap recalls the velvety darkness of the endless universe.

The grid on the cap is inspired by Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, curving around the platinum-plated sphere on the clip, much as light from a distant object in space would be bent by a star or a star. galaxy in the foreground in what is today known as the gravitational lens.

The body and cone are engraved with Einstein's most important formulas and the handcrafted 18k rhodium-plated gold nib features an engraving of the element that bears its name: einsteinium.

The Albert Einstein Limited Edition is limited to 3,000 fountain pens and 3,000 practical modes (1,500 rollers and 1,500 ballpoint pens).

Reference: 107472

Clip: Platinum-plated clip engraved with the serial number