"You are what inspires you."

We all have the potential to leave our footprint. But for that, we have to discover what inspires us.

This year, Montblanc gives life to the stories of three inspiring personalities who continue their passion with ardor.

Discover what pushes these individuals to do what they do, what motivates them to continue their efforts, and what inspired them to become who they are today.

Spike Lee, screenwriter and director.

Spike Lee is one of the most authentic and emblematic storytellers of our generation. Since his early childhood, he feels the need to write, always in hand, stories from his life and the neighborhood where he grew up. Even today, this desire to tell his steps.

Taron Egerton, actor.

The famous actor TRON EGERTON is not the kind to play twice the same role.

After his recent Hollywood blockbuster, many opportunities have come to him. What pushes him to rest tirelessly the same question: "And now?" It is sure of one thing: it will always be an actor.

Chen Kun. Actor, singer and writer.

The actor game is not Chen Kun's only inspiration. After participating in the founding of a dramatic art academy, The Dome Studio, he now wishes to inspire and train the next generation of actors in the art that has always brightened his life.

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