Services writing instruments

1. Repair in 2h

If your Montblanc article has been damaged, make an appointment with our shop and our team will make its utmost to restore your product. We repair writing instruments in 2 hours.

2. Polishing

Over time, micro-scratches may appear on the surface of the pen of your pen despite careful conservation. At Montblanc Monaco, we can polish the pen to remove these small scratches disappearing without influencing the performances of writing.

3. Feather cleaning

It is recommended to maintain the pen of your pen every 3 months of about 3 according to the instructions provided by Montblanc, to prevent any obstruction due to the dry ink. If you use indelible permanent ink, then you have to maintain it every 2 weeks. May the feather be in gold or platinum, each material should be treated according to a precise method and equipment. If you wish, you can also drop your pen in our shop and our team will take care of the pen.

4. Feather fitting

At Montblanc Monaco we want the customer to be satisfied with his writing instrument. See you in our shop and test the different pens to find out which best adapts to your writing style.

Need a maintenance board?

Call us at: + 33 7 97 97 31 05

Our expert team welcomes you to our store to repair and maintain your Montblanc writing tools