StarWalker Spirit of Racing Gifted Pen

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Examples of engraving

The Spirit of Racing collection brings a sporting touch to the StarWalker collection, synonymous with innovation, performance and avant-garde. The precious resin body pattern, which represents racing tire sculptures, renews style and touch and offers a revisited writing experience. The contrast with the precious resin body of a classic black allows the polished platinated attributes to reveal all their splendor. The section's kneading is inspired by the pattern used in race cars on the gear lever, pedals and steering wheel. The Montblanc emblem suspended in the transparent top of the hood underlines the modernity of the ensemble.


Ident. No.: 116914

Body: Black precious resin with a pattern inspired by a racing tire print

Cap: Plated metal cap

Sty116914lo cartridge feather / 14 K handmade rhodiée gold feather

Montblanc ink cartridges: Mystery Black, Royal Blue, Midnight Blue, Burgundy Red, Lavender Purple, Oyster Grey, Toffee Brown, Irish Green, Corn Poppy Red