StarWalker Resin fountain pen
StarWalker Resin fountain pen

StarWalker Resin fountain pen

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The new StarWalker evokes a trip to the stars. He talks about exploring the cosmos and distant galaxies, participating in the most mysterious and powerful adventure of humanity: the conquest of space. The new design of the collection celebrates the immense emotion described by astronauts when they first contemplate our blue planet floating in the vastness of the universe.

The unique technology used to represent the StarWalker emblem combines a translucent blue dome under the Montblanc emblem, which recalls the appearance of the Earth above the lunar horizon. The StarWalker Precious Resin features platinum-plated attributes, as well as a black precious resin cap and body. The fountain pen features a handcrafted 14K rhodium-plated gold nib.

Reference: 118845
Black color
Weight: 25.4 g
Material: Black precious resin
Refills: Montblanc ink cartridges: Mystery Black, Royal Blue, Midnight Blue, Burgundy Red, Lavender Purple, Oyster Gray, Toffee Brown, Irish Green, Corn Poppy Red and others