Montblanc Writers Edition Jonathan Swift fountain pen

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Montblanc Writers Edition Jonathan Swift Fountain Pen 107480 XHYXIW A genuine, limited-edition Montblanc pen commemorating Jonathan Swift, the first prose satirist known for writing Gulliver's Travels.This Montblanc pen is made of black lacquer and precious resin with a platinum plated clip and trim.The silver swirl design mimics the ropes used to tie Gulliver on Lilliput Island, and the clip design depicts the stairs that the Mayor of Lilliput climbs up to speak with Gulliver.The cap is shaped like Gulliver's tricorn hat and bears Jonathan Swift's signature.A 14 kt rhodium-plated gold feather intricately represents Lilliput's army marching between Gulliver's legs.


Reference: 107480


Clip: Platinum-plated clip engraved with the serial number