Montblanc Patron de l'art LOUIS XVI Limited Edition 4810 Fountain Pen

Price upon request

Price upon request

With its delicate splendor and extravagant details, the Patron of Art Edition Louis XIV recalls the interior decoration of the bedrooms and lounges of Versailles, the court of the Sun King. The fine vermeil barrel - solid 925 silver plated with gold - is surrounded by a delicate flower motif, inspired by the world-famous gardens of Versailles.The hand-cut 18-karat gold nib captivates with its heart-shaped carved hole and delicately engraved knots, a typical fashion accessory of the Sun King's court.

Ref: 28612

Launch: 1994

Gold plated 925 sterling silver

Delicate barrel engravings

18K gold nib with heart-shaped hole