Foutain pen Meisterstück around the world in 80 days Legrand

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The Meisterstück Around The World in 80 Days collection is inspired by the famous adventure novel of Jules Verne. The legrand fountain pen in blue precious resin refers to the first part of the trip. His main characters travel from London to Bombay, mainly in a steamboat, crossing the Mediterranean Sea then the Suez Canal. The cap is engraved with a pattern representing the key elements of the novel: waves, cards signs and a cartridge containing a laser traced steamboat. On the top of the cap is the duration of the journey embossed, or 80 days including 18 of London in Bombay. The writing instrument has a Rhodium-made hand-made pen, on which the hot air balloon, as well as the start and end dates of the adventure.

Ident No. 126199

Staple: Clip with black lacquered pic symbol

Body: Blue precious resin inspired by the Mediterranean Sea

Cap: Blue precious resin inspired by the Mediterranean Sea

Color: Blue

Size: M

Dimensions: 145.8 x 15.5mm

Physical weight: 30.18 g