Great Characters Walt Disney Special Edition Fountain pen (M)

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The name of Walt Disney is forever linked to the art of cartoons and the history of American cinema. Since his original desire to perfect the technique of creating cartoons, a real empire has been created and has taken on unimaginable proportions. Born in Chicago in 1901, Walter Elias Disney was distinguished by his creativity and pioneering spirit, which allowed him to become one of the most influential and admired film producers of his time.

The shape of the writing instrument is inspired by the legendary monorail system, while the colors are a reference to the original poster of "Steamboat Willie" (1920) which marks the official birth of the character of Mickey Mouse. The matte black precious resin cap and body features several concealed Mickeys, and the Walt Disney signature is reproduced on the top of the cap. The geographic coordinates engraved on the cone honor an important place at the beginning of Disney's career: the garage of Walt Disney's uncle, where he and his brother made a camera stand.

Reference: 119834
Black color
Material: Black precious resin with 3D Mickey head
Refill: Oyster Gray, Toffee Brown, Mystery Black, Royal Blue, Lavender Purple, Burgundy Red, Irish Green and others