Felt pen Starwalker Toue

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From the section to the cap and up to the staple, its brilliant surface reflects the light irresistibly and emphasizes the modern elegance of the writing instrument. The Montblanc emblem suspended in the transparent top of the cap highlights the formal language of contemporary design.

Ident. N °: 38011
Staple: Platted clip Engraved from the serial number
Blue color
Weight: 36.6 g
Material: Black precious resin / cap: Platiny
Refills: Refills for Rollerball Montblanc: Mystery Black, Pacific Blue, Nightfire Red, Fortune Green, Amethyst Purple, Barbados Blue, Orange India; Refills for Felt Felt Montblanc: Mystery Black, Pacific Blue, Amethyst Purple, Barbados Blue