Montblanc Bohème Rollerball

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Examples of engraving

Rollerball, black precious body and hood encrusted with resin from the Montblanc emblem, pink gold-plated rings and staple adorned with a synthetic smoky brown gem.

Ref: 38265
Body: black precious resin, pink gold-plated fittings
Cape: precious black inlaid with resin from the Montblanc emblem
Topping: Three rose gold-plated rings engraved with the name Montblanc
Clip: Gold-plated rose set with a synthetic smoky brown gem, with the individual serial number || Mechanism: Rollerball, could also be used with late felt refills || Recharge: Montblanc rollerball recharging with stainless steel tip: black, blue, green, red

Clip: Red gold gold staple engraved with serial number